My Family Easter Traditions Student Blogging Challenge Week 7

During the week of holy week, my family makes Pysanky Eggs. These are traditional easter eggs for Polish, Ukrainian, and Russian cultures. My family is both Polish and Ukrainian but we practice more Ukrainian costumes. These eggs require parental supervision because of wax and fire being involved. The eggs can be made out of wood or real eggs.

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1┬áIf you are using real eggs, you need to drill small holes on both the top and bottom of the egg. Once you have finished you have to carefully blow into the egg so all of the yolk is out of the egg to make it nice and hollow. You have to be super careful blowing into the egg so it doesn’t crack! When you finish this, you should gather your materials like food coloring, wax, candles, and special wax tools. These tools have little cups inside to store wax in and you put it over the candle so it melts. This wax is traditional black but it really doesn’t matter what color. Once you finish melting the wax you can paint whatever designs you want on the egg with the wax.

2 After the wax dries, you place your egg in a color of your choice. You let it sit in the coloring until the color is right for you, then you can take it out. You then put the egg over a candle to melt the wax off and you have your design! You repeat this process as many times as you would like with other colors too. You can add rubber bands to have guidelines for perfect lines or make it look ombre.

This is what my family does every Easter. I would love for you to leave comments of your blog for this week for celebrations and festivities so I can learn about your celebrations for different holidays!

12 thoughts on “My Family Easter Traditions Student Blogging Challenge Week 7

  1. Hi Sophia. What a wonderful family tradition. I have seen these beautiful eggs and wondered how they were made. Thanks for describing the process in so much detail. Do you keep the eggs from year to year? Do you have ones that you created when you were younger? Some families keep Christmas tree decorations that kids make each year. These are family treasures. Have a Happy Easter. .. Ms. T

    1. Dear Ms. Taylor,
      Thank you for reading my post! I do keep my eggs year to year because they do not rot. I still have eggs from when I was about 3 years old.
      – Sophia

    1. Dear Isaiah,
      Thank you so much for reading my post! My favorite part about Easter is getting my Easter basket.
      – Sophia

  2. Dear Sophia,
    your so lucky you get to do that,I would like to know what you do after that or what you do with the yolk.

    from Sinead

  3. Sophia, this is a lovely post, and so well-written. I feel like I could actually try to make these eggs based on what you wrote. Your directions are so clear and specific. Your family must be really cool to do something like this every year.

  4. Hello Sophie,
    Am a teacher in Kenya commenting on STUBC 2019. The first time l read about this. I like the dedication with which it’s done. What do people expect to receive after doing this? Here in Kenya we normally attend a church service, then a get together either for family or friends, expecting to learn more about this day and continue receiving God’s providence.

    1. Hello Mr. Oriya,
      Usually when people receive the egg as a gift, they treasure it because the Ukrainian culture has special symbols and color meanings. When the eggs are made as a gift, the symbols and colors are special to that one person. Thank you for asking!
      – Sophia

    1. Dear Dylan,
      My family is really small because I am an only child and have only 2 other cousins. We do have an Easter Egg Hunt but it is just not as big.
      – Sophia

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