School Survey Student Blogging Challenge Week 5

I go to St.Ignatius of Antioch School in Pennsylvania USA that is PreK to 8th grade. We have to wear uniforms everyday but, we have a different uniform for PE. Our school has us do one or two different specials everyday because our schedule changes from day to day. The upper grades, which is fifth to eighth grade, switch classes but we don’t have lockers. A few days before the last day of school, we have Field Day where we have two teams that are red and white because they are our school colors. You can tell me what your school is like by filling out this form I created.

5 thoughts on “School Survey Student Blogging Challenge Week 5

  1. Hi, Sophia!

    My name is Mrs. Wohlafka, and I am a commenter for Student Blogging Challenge Week 5.

    I like your school survey! What is your favorite thing about school?

  2. Hi Sophia,
    My name is Miss Aparna and I am one of the commenters for the Student Blogging Challenge.
    I like your description of the day/activities. It sure must be fun and you must be learning a lot each day.
    I did not have any lockers in my school too (I grew up in India) and we had to carry our books/notes/materials to school everyday based on the schedule they gave us at the beginning of the year. Sometimes our book bag was many pounds heavy! However on the brighter side, I think this system taught us to plan our day ahead.
    What is your favorite subject and activity at school?
    Your survey questions are very interesting too.
    Happy blogging!

    1. Dear Miss Aparna,
      Thank you so much for taking my survey! It is so interesting that your days were similar to mine today at school. I love everything about school and hanging out with my friends makes it even better!
      – Sophia

  3. Hi Sophia,
    I loved reading your blog and filling out the google form! How were you able to put the form right in the blog? To continue, field day seems like so much fun! In your regular school day, do you have a favorite part? (subject, time, etc.) Thank you for sharing a little about your school with me. If you would like to learn about my regular school day, here is the link to y blog: Have a great day!
    – Nicole 🙂

    1. Dear Nicole,
      Thank you so much for doing my blog. To be honest, I had my teacher help me add the form into the post. I really don’t have a favorite part of school because I like all of it. What makes it best is being with my friends!
      – Sophia

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