Reflect of 2018-2019 Blog

The Student Blogging Challenge has been an amazing experience for me and taught me so many new things. Out of all of my blog posts, my favorite one is probably Rhinestone Crazy. This is because I love rhinestoning and looking at the finished results. I also loved showing everyone how to rhinestone and give people new hobbies to do. It was also a very meaningful piece because it was my first ever post to be mentioned on the Student Blogging Challenge. The Student Blogging Challenge was an awesome way to write stories and interact with other people!

Some of my blog posts were on something called the 100 Word Challenge. This was another program I was a part of. I liked having pictures or some words to write a full 100 words about. Some were easier than others but overall it was really fun. I loved taking my imagination and making my posts and stories my own. The 100 Word Challenge was also an amazing way to express yourself !

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Putting It All Together! Student Blogging Challenge Week 9

A pet I wish I had is a Teacup Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie. They are hypoallergenic dogs and are super small. Their faces are so adorable! These dogs are commonly used in dog shows. You can let their hair grow out to touch the floor or have it shortened. Some owners that let their Yorkie have long hair have said that they give Rapunzel a run for her money! These dogs do not shed so their owners need to keep their hair in check. Yorkies’ hair can grow up to 2 feet long! That’s a lot of hair! Weavers first brought them to England in the mid 1800s and started appearing in dog shows in 1861. It is actually said that the first therapy dog was a Yorkie. Yorkies also have a special feature to them called pharyngeal gag reflex. This is also known as reverse sneezing. Instead of blowing air in, they suck the air up and make a noise similar to a honk of a goose.

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Where in the World Student Blogging Challenge Week 8

Sierra Leone has amazing natural resources and natural views that will blow your mind. Some natural views include The Loma Mountains, Tiwai Island, Lake Sonfon, and Tingi Hills Forest. It is located in West Africa that is flanked by Guinea in the North, the Atlantic Ocean in the southwest, and Liberia in the South. Its estimated population is 5.2 to 6 million. Freetown is the capital of Sierra Leone and is home to 16 ethnic groups. Sierra Leone is one of the top ten producers of diamonds and earns a lot of money from foreign countries from mineral exports. It is one of Africa’s smallest republics. Sierra Leone is ranked 118th in biggest countries in the world. This amazing country sounds like an awesome place to go and visit. If anyone of you reading have been to or live in Sierra Leone I would love it if you left a comment to get to know a bit about life in Sierra Leone!

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My Family Easter Traditions Student Blogging Challenge Week 7

During the week of holy week, my family makes Pysanky Eggs. These are traditional easter eggs for Polish, Ukrainian, and Russian cultures. My family is both Polish and Ukrainian but we practice more Ukrainian costumes. These eggs require parental supervision because of wax and fire being involved. The eggs can be made out of wood or real eggs.

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1 If you are using real eggs, you need to drill small holes on both the top and bottom of the egg. Once you have finished you have to carefully blow into the egg so all of the yolk is out of the egg to make it nice and hollow. You have to be super careful blowing into the egg so it doesn’t crack! When you finish this, you should gather your materials like food coloring, wax, candles, and special wax tools. These tools have little cups inside to store wax in and you put it over the candle so it melts. This wax is traditional black but it really doesn’t matter what color. Once you finish melting the wax you can paint whatever designs you want on the egg with the wax.

2 After the wax dries, you place your egg in a color of your choice. You let it sit in the coloring until the color is right for you, then you can take it out. You then put the egg over a candle to melt the wax off and you have your design! You repeat this process as many times as you would like with other colors too. You can add rubber bands to have guidelines for perfect lines or make it look ombre.

This is what my family does every Easter. I would love for you to leave comments of your blog for this week for celebrations and festivities so I can learn about your celebrations for different holidays!

What Music Do You Like?

This is a survey about what music genres you like, what artists are your favorite, etc. My favorite music genres are Hip Hop/Rap and Pop. Some artists I like are Post Malone, Sia, Bruno Mars, and many others. Music does help me concentrate when I am doing things with music on.

School Survey Student Blogging Challenge Week 5

I go to St.Ignatius of Antioch School in Pennsylvania USA that is PreK to 8th grade. We have to wear uniforms everyday but, we have a different uniform for PE. Our school has us do one or two different specials everyday because our schedule changes from day to day. The upper grades, which is fifth to eighth grade, switch classes but we don’t have lockers. A few days before the last day of school, we have Field Day where we have two teams that are red and white because they are our school colors. You can tell me what your school is like by filling out this form I created.

Rhinestone Crazy!

I really enjoy to rhinestone everything! From bows to shoes and clothes to hats! My rhinestoning hobby all started because of me being in competition dance. In my studio, Vanzant Dance Academy, competition dance means that rhinestoning is a skill all of the moms need to know. My mom is not a fan of doing the rhinestones because it is messy so, I gave her a huge help by doing it with her! Rhinestoning is a very easy thing to do and it only takes a few steps!

1 First, you need to gather all your materials. These are a glue of your choice, rhinestones, a toothpick, and whatever you are going to glitterize! Rhinestones are really easy to find too. You can get them at Joann Fabrics or really any craft store! Rhinestones also come in different shapes and sizes for the different occasions of rhinestoning. I would recommend to not buy any rhinestones online unless you really know what you are doing! This is because if they come to your house and they are not what you need, your finished product will be delayed.

Next, you apply the glue of your choice on a toothpick to spread the glue on the surface of your item. Then, you would place the rhinestones on the item however you would like. You can use tweezers if you feel like your hands are too big to place on the item. If you are adding rhinestones that are spread out or not close together, you should apply the glue on the bottom of the rhinestone and then place it on. You keep on doing this process until you are satisfied with the way it looks! After this you let the item dry. If you would like, you could add a layer of glue or sealer on the top of the rhinestones for extra protection of the rhinestones and so they don’t fall off.Image result for rhinestone pile

When I turn 14, I want to start a small business to rhinestone peoples’ belongings because it is a very calming hobby that is very easy to pick up. I hope this help you with anything you needed to rhinestone! If you have any questions about rhinestoning, leave a comment so I can help!

100 Word Challenge Week 23

In Paris, there was a little boy named Parker. His parents died when he was 3 and they left him some coins for him to start with until he found work.  Parker began to walk on the pavement back home because it was starting to get dark. On the side of Parker’s house was a ladder in case anything dangerous happened. After he arrived at his house and got ready for bed, he heard a crack! The ceiling of his house started sinking and Parker was stuck! When he moved his arm, he realized that is was all red. Parker was bleeding and no one could help him. In the end, Parker passed away and was buried. He reunited with his parents again!

100 Word Challenge Week 21

Their was a little girl named Mackenzie who was on a trail in the deep dark woods. The woods her parents always told her to stay out of. Mackenzie would not have gone in there if she didn’t hear a voice calling her name. She was holding her favorite bear. At first, Mackenzie was frightened because of the voice but she had the argue to go and follow it. It got louder and louder until she reached a little cottage that seemed to be falling apart. The voice was screeching and loud. It sounded like nails on a chalkboard. Then… it stop and Mackenzie’s whole world went black. What was left was her favorite white bear on the trail.